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About Us

The owners/inventors of Safety Alert for the Elderly (SAFTE) have been in the business of protecting life and property for over 25 years. Both Kay and Allan are residents of Northern California and are involved in numerous community groups dedicated to helping the elderly and disadvantaged. They are active in local businesses, Rotary, and members of several chamber of commerce chapters. After Kay and Allan started a commercial fire alarm company many years ago, they realized the need for a product that protects individuals, particularly a cost-effective system for anyone living alone.

Although SAFTE was originally intended for elderly people, it can be used for anyone with a disability or medical condition warranting monitoring and the need for assistance in case of an accident.

SAFTE is that product. It provides the means of summoning assistance when individuals cannot do so for themselves, makes operation of the product extremely simple, and eliminates the burden of monthly costs.

  • SAFTE is the most unobtrusive, easiest-to-use system currently available on the market. Just purchase, install, set, and forget.
  • SAFTE continually monitors the residence for movement. Should movement cease for a period of time, the SAFTE system responds and calls for help. We call when you can’t.
  • SAFTE uses a “communicator” as opposed to a central station. The communicator is attached to existing phone lines in the residence and, when activated, will call four pre- programmed numbers with targeted messages to alert family, friends, and emergency personnel that help is needed.
  • SAFTE is designed and manufactured in the United States.

All of this is available with No Monthly Fees.

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