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SAFTE Product Distributors

Our distributors are passionate about our products.  They are able to recommend and install the best SAFTE emergency alert system configuration for any situation.  Please contact our distributor for information on how SAFTE  can be used in your home.

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 Company  State  Phone  Email  Territory/Region
 SAFTE  CA  510-909-0165   allan@safteproducts.com
 Northern California
 SAFTE  CA  925-249-0959   kay@safteproducts.com
 Northern California
 Gold Coast Protection, LLC  CA  805-504-5301   john.grimaldi@safteproducts.com
 Southern California
 Current Electrical  ID  509-226-0681   darren.stutzke@safteproducts.com
 MDG Technologies  TX  214-729-0530   mark@safteproducts.com
 Texas, Oklahoma
 Alpha Omega Marketing, LLC  FL  904-210-1002   don@safteproducts.com

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