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Mailman Saves Life Along Daily Route  (July 6, 2011)

Paul Guerrette called police when he noticed an overflowing mail box along his route, saving a woman who had FALLEN IN HER HOME.  A Connecticut postal worker recently helped save a woman's life on his route. Paul Guerrette has been a postal employee for 21 years, but recently noticed something wrong along his route.

"I opened up the mailbox. I noticed she hadn't picked up her mail
all week. At that point, I was a little concerned," Guerrette said.
He also saw a Meals on Wheels bag overflowing on the doorstep.

He called his manager, then called police and waited. When officers got there, they found an 88-year-old woman lying on the floor. She'd been there for three days and was very dehydrated.
"I was hoping everything would be all right, and I was thankful she was still alive," he said. 
The woman spent a few days in the hospital and is now recovering in a nursing home.

His bosses and the local police praised him for doing the right  thing."He could've just kept on his rounds and not called us. It would have had a tragic result," said Sgt. Robert Norman with the Guilford, CT Police Department.

With SAFTE, help would have been summoned the same day.  

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