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Having been a paramedic since 1976 and a firefighter for nearly 30 years, I have seen my share of individuals who, in their own home, have been too injured, weak, or sick to call for help when they needed it.   This is not limited to only the elderly, but to many patients with chronic or undiagnosed illness as well.  

Getting that emergency rescue call seems particularly difficult when you realize that the patient has been laying there for many hours or days merely because they had no way of summoning help.  This includes people who actually had a medical alert notification system but for one reason or another forgot to use it, were unable to use it, or left it out of reach.

The problem, as I see it, has many causes.  So many families seem to be scattered around the country these days.  People are living longer yet are still frail and at risk in their own homes.  Neighbors don’t seem to know each other as well as they used to and the “Sandwich Generation” kids are trying to do it all.

When I saw the SAFTE alert system, I thought it was brilliant.  It is a simple, reliable way to get someone’s attention, or to contact someone on the phone when help is needed.  I thought the best things about it were:  that it required little or no effort from the person using it and that there is no monthly service fee involved once it is installed in the person’s home.  This makes it simple and affordable for so many of the people who are on a fixed income.

Hopefully, if this product can find its way into our community, we will see fewer and fewer sad cases of people injured or sicker than they needed to be just because they could not get the help that was only a phone call away.

Paramedic and Firefighter


I have been a Critical Care Nurse for 37 years, working in ICU's and taking care of a variety of patients over this time.  Some of the most heart wrenching of these are the elderly patients I have cared for after they have become ill or fallen, laying alone in their homes for hours or days because no one was aware of their plight.  I have consoled families and neighbors who lamented "If we had only known this might not have happened".

Many people are unaware that just laying in one position for 12 or 24 hours can lead to pneumonia or kidney failure, and untreated injuries could be a death knell for a fragile elder. If this product can help prevent these tragedies from occurring, not only will lives be saved, but the savings to the health care dollar could be tremendous as well.  Of course, the peace of mind knowing that a simple to use alert system is in place is also priceless for families, giving them the knowledge that if they cannot be there at least someone will be.

Michele M. Grimaldi,  RN BSN CCRN

After 28 years in Law Enforcement as a Police Officer and Crime Scene 
Investigator, I can tell you that a product like the Safety Alert for the Elderly  has been long overdue. Far too many times in my career I have investigated  the unattended death of an elderly person that was discovered only after they had not been seen or heard  from for several days.  While alert pendants and bracelets are a step in the right direction, the elderly will often forget to wear them or leave them somewhere that is inaccessible after they are down.  I previously investigated the death of an elderly person that was found on the floor with her alert pendant still securely attached to the top of her walker.

Your SAFTE product is all about the “safety” of our aging population.  The simple design makes it easy for them to understand and use.

Gary L. Cooper
Police Officer / CSI (Retired)